MOPARTS RACING Front Wheel Bearings

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  • Manufacturer MOPARTS RACING
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Front wheel bearing conversion kits for PIAGGIO / VESPA   CIAO / BRAVO / SI / CITTA / GRILLO / etc.


  • More stability and rigidity
  • Less vibration
  • Longer lifetime of bearings
  • You can re-use your existing 11mm Piaggio / Vespa axle. No need for a new axle!

These front wheel bearing conversion kits fit the following Grimece wheel types:

  • 4-Spoke front wheels
  • 3-Spoke (Banana / Star) front wheels
  • 5-Spoke (Banana / Star) front wheels
  • 10-Spoke front wheels
  • Vespa Grillo front wheels
  • 14-Spoke (Snowflake / Multispoke) front wheels
  • Gilera Citta (ECO1) front wheels

*NOTE: These bearing sets do not fit the ordinay stock spoked wheels

If you are unsure whether or not this items fits your front wheel, feel free to send us an e-mail for advice!

You can save money on this item when you purchase several at a time. The table below shows the minimum quantities required to benefit from this offer, and how much they'll cost.

Quantity Price per unit
3+ €15.00

Amazingly simple to install and high quality!

Peter Frankendorf - Apr 09 2016, 21:22 PM

This part really makes a huge difference over the original loose ball bearings. Simple to install (take out old dirty ball bearings and cones, fit one of these sealed bearings, then fit the adaptor through the inside and finally fit the last sealed bearing on the other side). I love that I can re-use my old front wheel axle! Thanks!!!

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